System for early warning of shifting or falling cargo from load carriers

Cargosafe Systems addresses the global issue of safe transportation of cargo on many types of load carriers. We have developed, and patented, a system for continuously monitoring the tension in lashings and fastening devices as well as load anchorage points. Early warning of insufficiently secured cargo help transporters increase safety, prevent load damage, and improve profitability.

Our mission

We have a creative solution to a global problem!
Every day a great number of events happen that could possibly lead to dangerous situations with cargo shifting or falling from load carriers all over the world.
Our systems help the responsible driver to keep the cargo safety under control - all the time.

Our wish:

We will participate to the governments ZERO-vision, where no-one is killed or seriously injured in traffic.

Our vision:

We will take the randomness out of load securing by continuously monitoring the state of the fasteners, and create safety for all parties in traffic by preventing accidents with shifting or falling cargo.

Our business idea:

We will increase both safety and profitability in transportation by developing and delivering equipment and systems for early warning of insufficiently secured cargo.


We have a skilled and colourful team working to keep our customers confident.
Innovation and creativity surely changes the world.
We are dedicated to saving lives - through smart technology.

Smart, wireless sensors in the lashing equipment

Our system will significantly improve freight safety, and offer a tool for early warning of possibly dangerous situations. It consists of smart sensors built into the lashing equipment, or the load anchorage points, that communicates wirelessly with a common base unit. This unit provides the driver with detailed information on how the forces act on the transported cargo and how the tension in the load restraints develop. The system alarms the driver when the cargo is no longer adequately secured, and enables him or her to take action to re-establish proper tension to the lashings. Given the amount of cargo in everyday motion and the number of dangerous events with shifting cargo, this system will not only improve traffic safety, but also the overall attitude to safe transportation and act as a basis for insurance companies, transport customers, road authorities and the public in general. There were 22.000 road impact incidents in England in 2013 caused by objects falling from vehicles.

Connected safety

In addition to warning the driver, the in-vehicle system communicates with a back-end system to store and retrieve data from each trip. This system stores data from all vehicles in a customers fleet, and has the ability to receive data with different time-scale and resolution. The customer, typically a transportation company, can through a web interface access detailed reports of each trip, including events like warnings and alarms, action taken in response to events, re-tightening of lashings, and graphs of vehicle speed and forces acting in all lashings. In addition, the overall driving style can be quantified based on analysis of historical data. The number of lashings used on a truck or trailer varies from 10 to 30, and customers have from 1 to 5000 trucks in their fleet. The system is very flexible and scalable. The systems administrator can also use the web interface to change parameters and upgrade firmware on all sensors on all vehicles of the corporate fleet.
The system is patented.

Strategic partners

We are seeking strategic partnership with companies like truck manufacturers, fleet management systems providers, insurance companies, and lashings manufacturers. We seek partners with a global customer network, and with a reputation for being innovative and associated with the same safety values as we are.


We seek investors for finalizing the product and for market introduction. The product is very well suited for generating recurring revenues, and our business model is to charge a start-up fee from the customer for installation, and to sign several-year contracts for "safety-as-a-service". Since all cars in a customers fleet is on-line with our back-end system, we have a perfect platform for communicating with the customer on product usage and to ensure customer satisfaction and re-sale of services.

The problem

Every day, cargo shifts and falls off trucks all over the world. Our mission is to offer a system that significantly increases the safety level of cargo transportation, by continuously monitoring the lashings and giving early warnings and alarms to prevent the cargo from shifting or falling from the load carrier.

Heavy cast iron weight
Concrete, building elements
Heavy concrete elements
Wood, construction materials
Heavy concrete elements
14,7 tonn cable-drum!

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